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On this section I will introduce you my works, from the latest to the oldest.

Infinite : World Generator (2009)

C++, 3D, L-System, Topology, Graph, Generalized Map, A*, ...

Context :

Due to the difficulty of obtaining assets for my projects, I decided to develop a world and city generator. The cost of development of a Sandbox-like system is very high because of the considerable production of assets it involves. That's why I try to automate this process as much as possible.

Role(s) :

I did my best to create a tool totally independant from the product, keeping in mind that other persons could use it. I developed it as a "Data Driven" tool to get a large range of worlds, cities, roadmaps, etc without anything to program again.

Result(s) :

The project is still in progress. At the moment I'm implementing a system managing the roadmaps, blocks, building lots and frontage systems. I'm also tackling the volume generator system to add frontages and thereafter, I'll continue with the interior generator. Later on, I'll incorporate this tool on different engines to test a real time approach.

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