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Hunter's Trophy


Kylotonn Entertainment


Big Ben Interactive




PS3, Wii


The most realistic and complete hunting simulation on home console!

hunterstrophy.pngWith your bow and arrow or gun in your hand, binoculars slung round your neck, decoys in your pocket and a dog at your side to obey your every command, progress in one ofthree hunting environments (marshland, fields or forests) and learn to identify each species (those that can and cannot be hunted) with its favoured territories, habits and behaviour. Proximity, noise, weather conditions and wind direction are also factors that you must take into account when you plan your hunting strategy while adhering to all the current hunting regulations.

Whether in ‘quick game’ mode, which enables you to define all the parameters of your hunt (backdrop, weather, season, types of game, weapons, etc.) or in ‘career’ mode, where you can progress through an entire hunting season, you will always be able to choose between the two major types of hunting in Europe: using a hunting box or by stalking your game.

Developed in close collaboration with the Regional Federation of Hunters of the Pays de la Loire, Hunter’s Trophy offers you the first real hunting simulation on console!


  • Can be played combining the PlayStation® Move motion controller & PlayStation® Move navigation controller or using the DUALSHOCK® 3 wireless controller.
  • You can set all the parameters for your hunt: hunting environments (marshland, fields or forests), weather conditions (mist, fog, rain), times of day, large or small game, weapons (shotguns or bows), hunting from hideouts or stalking.
  • Pay close attention to your movements and to the wind direction to avoid alerting the game to your presence.
  • 20 species with information and advice on each one: mallard, beaver, stag,boar, young stag, fox, goose, partridge, large stag, snipe, pheasant, rabbit, etc.
  • Extensive information on the current hunting regulations.
  • Equip yourself with one of the 10 weapons in the game (shotguns, telescopic rifles and bows and arrows)
  • Use the traces of the species to track them.
  • Earn Ball-trap mode as a bonus, which you can play with up to 4 players. (Ball-trap, target, silhouette shooting).
  • Can be played with a PS3™ controller or combining the PlayStation® Move motion controller & PlayStation® Move navigation controller.
  • Use the trophies and online leaderboard to compare your scores with players from all over the world.
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